Sunday, 28 June 2009

Michael Jackson 1958-2009 R.I.P

Okay so Im sure everyone has heard the sad,sad news of the death of The king of pop,Michael Jackson.I don`t normally and probably wont ever make non beauty or fashion related posts again but for a legend like MJ I will make the exception.
I am deeply saddened by the news of his passing and just wanted to blog about how much of an inspiration he has been to me throughout my life.Of course I diddn`t know MJ personally but I have been a huge fan for as long as I can remember,I grew up with his music,I believe he is a genuine,sensitive,generous,good hearted person who was extremely misunderstood.Myself personally I do not believe any of the BS the media said about him over the years,I wont go into why,I understand people have different opinions but I just hope now that he is no longer with us that he can be remembered for his music and his kind spirit.
My thoughts and prayers are with his family and especially his three children,I just hope the media respects their privacy at such a difficult time.God bless Michael,you will never be forgotton.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

What`s In My Bag?

So I`ve seen alot of these type blogs and videos on YT and fancied doing my own,so,this is my bag

This was actually an 18th birthday present from my boyfriend,its Juicy couture and I have had it for just over a year now,its not very summer-like but I alternate between this bag on days when I need a bigger bag and then on days when I don`t and when I`m wearing something summery I use my white French connection bag,which is alot smaller than this.A few weeks after I got this bag the stitching came out of the bow at the side and I should have really taken it back,I was so angry and upset because it was gorgeous too but n/m :( it just looks a bit feable now.I do love this bag though and it has a cute little mirror inside which is very handy :)

This typcially shows what I have in my bag minus my keys which I lost or should I say my mum lost on Saturday,tbh Im more bothered about the keyring I had on my keys as it was Juicy Couture and my friend got me it for Christmas so Im really gutted about thatI hope they turn up :(
First of I have my phone,its just the LG Viewty and its the purple one,I was having a purple phase when I bought this and I had to have it lol,I don`t care about phones much tbh as long as they look pretty, however saying that I am debating getting an iphone or a blackberry once Ive paid my car insurance off.
I then have two notepads and a pencil case which I think is really cute,its from Accesorize, these really need to be taken out of here now becuase Ive finished college.One book I actually use to write lists of stuff I have in mind to buy (make up wise) and products I see on youtube or blogs and I sometimes put them down in here so I dont forget,Im a bit sad like that lol.
I have two purses,one for the usual money,cards etc its a corally colour and its from River Island,its way to small but I liekd the colour so.The other is just a little round pale pink Ted Baker purse which I use to put hair clips and elastics and my memory stick, random stuff like that in,manily becuase I ahve to have my hair tied up when Im doing beauty treatments so I always carry extra bits for that.
I have my mini mac make up bag,this stays in my bag and I just throw in some powder for touch ups,whatever lipstick im wearing that day and sometimes my concealer too.I also have my Lush lipbalm and some vaseline and a random mac lip gele which I don`t really use tbh.Oh I also have my bodyshop coconut hair oil hair shine,this is mainly for when I need to put my hair up with not ahair out of place for college -grrr,or for a bit of added shine.It smells amazing.
I have my headphones for my phone and a random pen and then I have some miss selfridge bangles which are in there becuase I was wearing them the other day and I was shopping,trying on clothes and they were irritating me having to repeatedly take them of so I just threw them in my bag :)
So that is all really minus the missing keys :(,sometimes I will have a bottle of perfume In there but it just so happens I diddn`t have one in this time oh and I always have a big bottle of water when Im out and about :)

Lush Honey Trap Lip Balm

This is just a little post to say how much I am loving the Honey Trap lip balm from Lush and how much I would reccomend everyone try one of these if you haven`t already.I bought this last Friday and have been using it ever since,it is probably the best lip balm I have ever used and beats the various Body shop ones I was using previously.It smells so good,this particular one is extremely sweet smelling,obviously it smells like honey but it is also vanilla-ish,infact it smells like sweets.However I am more impressed with how much it has improved the condition of my lips,they have never been so smooth and soft!I did suffer from slightly chapped lips and this has sorted them right out,I can apply any lipstick now and it looks perfect.
Its just a lip balm so its not the most exciting of products (or reviews!) but I just thought Id let you all know how impressed I am with this and I would deffinately repuchase,it cost me £4.40 so not too bad but not particularly cheap however it is worth every penny imo :)

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

On the hunt! plus LUSH skincare review..sort of.

As well as having some items in mind that Im debating getting atm I am also on the hunt!
1.a new skin care regime
2.a new eye liner
3.a new tanning solution

Ok so on Friday I got a sample of Angels on bare skin and also ultrbland from Lush.There both cleansers and the lush lady said I would love them and that I should use aobs in the morning and ub at night as it is super good for removing make up.She also pointed that 'obviously I wear make up' =/ that could have been taken the wrong way but whatever,I guess its true lol!
So I hadn`t even left the store and I already wasn`t liking the idea of ultrabland.The lush lady said that it was great for make up because it has alot of oil in it and oil removes oil,water will not remove oil and to remove my make up which is obv made up of oil I need to use an oil based cleanser.Yeh,I understand that oil will remove oil but Im a beauty therapist,I do know a bit about skin care and I trained (and used on myself prior to this) using dermalogica,I was never taught this theory.Surely If I have combination skin and I am more than just prone to the odd break out,I should not be using this cleanser?Anyway I decided to try and guess what I have broken out.Im not saying it is for definate the ub but I reckon it is.My skin is known to break out anyway but it was looking quite good of late actually and now I have a hideous breakout on part of my chin.yak.I know have only been using it for what 5 days,its hardly enough time to give up on it but I really really don`t want to test this cleanser out any further.
Aobs on the other hand however 'appears' and of course it could always be this which is actually caused the break out to be working nicely.Ive only been using it 5 days so Ive not expected miracles and Ive not had any but I feel that it leaves my skin so soft,and kinda brighter.
So,after all that my question is where do I go from here?I don`t want to go back to my old Dermalogica skin care routine,its pricey and it works-ish,as In it gets my skin clean but it doesn`t do wonder fors me,not for the price anyway and Im just not feeling these two Lush cleansers all that much.Im now thinking Clinique 3step?orrr alternative lush cleansers?

2.I need a new eye liner,I have been using mac eye khol in smoulder for about 10 months now maybe as my every day eyeliner,sometimes I just smudge on the lash line and then others I wear on the water line.However...
I feel this is too much for Summer,plus recently its been SO warm and its smudging left right and centre,it looks messy.Also Im doubting wether black eye liner is really for me at all.I have really odd shaped eyes.I,myself can`t even define wether there deep set or kind of protruding,ok so that sounds wierd but when I have my eyes open there isn`t much of my lid visible.I am going to post an upclose of my eyes becuase Im just making myself sound like a freak lol.So yeah Im in a bit of an eye liner dilemma,maybe I should be wearing a different coloured eyeliner,or no eye liner at all.

3.Im having tannig issues.I don`t like putting self tanner on my face.Which leaves me with a white head and a tanned body when Im not wearing make up lol!Well not a white head but,paler than the rest of me and I really don`t like this.Ive tried gradual self tanners for the face and I don`t like these either as I fidn there just too oily for me and they smell bad.So,Im thinking of going back to sun beds,which I really don`t want to do becuase I know its bad for you and Id much rather keep using my st tropez but,I am feeling the need to visit my tanning salon guys,especially in these summer months where a tan is essential!

Items I`m debating atm!

Sorry for the unimaginative post title,basically heres a wish list/or things I`m considering purchasing as and when I can afford them/get to nearest counter etc :)If anyone reading this has tried any of the products listed I would LOVE to hear what you think of them.Drop me a comment and it will be greatly appreciated,Im obviously doing some research into them before I buy them but I do have some questions about certain products I just can`t find the answers too.So anyway,I`ll stop rambling-here goes
1.Laura Mercier oil free tinted moisturiser
ah shock
I have read alot about this lately -everything good (ok apart from the price) and I really wanna try it out.Im going on holiday soon and don`t want to be caked in foundation all dayand night long AT ALL ,however Im very concious of my skin and I like a good coverage foundation,so this is going to be tough for me, however I hear this is provides good coverage and Ive been reading Ella `s blog and noticed she uses this product alot and her skin is gorgeous!Im not expecting to have perfect skin just because of this product but it deffinetly seems one to try with the hot weather were having atm.The big problem for me however is getting my hands on it,where the hell is there a LM counter?Seriously I don`t think I`ve ever seen one.I live in the North East so if anyone knows one near by,please let me know,I`d love you forever.I will however probabaly end up buying online.
2.Nars Laguna Bronzer
Ok Im not even debating this,I am getting it!I actually had the intention of purchasing it when I went to the metro centre last week but HOF has no Nars counter so I discovered so I diddn`t get my mits on it-gutted :(So Im wondering if Fenwicks in Newcastle has one?I can`t imagine where else near by I could get it.I was in Harvey Nic`s a few weeks back in Leeds but I was only interested in mac that day (stupid me!) so diddn`t pick it up.Again probabaly gonna have to order online,which I don`t like doing,Idk,I think i like the whole beauty counter experience lol!
3.Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation
I am deffinetly debating this foundation,although I have only just begun to hear anything about it.Im on the look out for reviews as I type,although youtube is down atm grr-nice timing youtube!I would love to know if anyone has this,what do you think?

Monday, 22 June 2009

Ok I caved...haul!

But not a very big one :P
Yes after what two days?I decided to hit the shops again.I picked up two items from Barry M,my very first lip paint in 101,I have heard too many good things about lip paints to just keep ignoring them so here it is the very pretty 101.I think it has a kind of odd texture,but whatever-can`t wait to try it out properly :)Along side my lip paint is a nail paint in bright pink and the number is 279 if anyones interested.I haven`t worn or bought a pink nail polish in SUCH a long time and I just love this colour.Ive been wearing a tonne of blue,green and orange variations lately so I think its time for a little change-this is so pretty,and a bargain.I love Barry M nail paints as they do great matte colours,and I love matte nails.They also last ages too,well imo,I usually get bored of a nail varnish after about 5 days but I can garuntee that by the end of the 5 days the polish is still going strong.There also so cheap,there like £2 something and theres also an offer on atm 2 for a fiver so If you haven`t tried nail paints yet,great opportunity.

I also have two new purchases from Topshop..woohoo,Im super excited about these.One is pretty simple,its just a navy and white striped tunic top thingy but I really love the shape and the navy and white together seems to go really well with my dark eyes and hair.Its just casual,for with leggings but I really like it.Then I got these super duper shorts,they kind of look like a skirt but there not.As you can see there floral,Im really into floral atm.There highwaisted,I love everything highwaisted and Im looking forward to wearing these on holiday next month.
I popped into Lush on my little shopping trip aswell and picked up two items.One is Honey i washed the kids soap.I adore this soap,I had a sample of it from ages ago that I had forgotton and rediscovered the other day.I loved it,I had to get myself a full size chunk today.Its so good,I love anything from Lush with a chocolate,vanilla or honey smell so this is perfect.I also picked up the comforter which I haven`t tried before but Ive had in the back of my mind for a while.It smells gorgeous,it sort of smells like Ribena =/Its just really blackcurrenty and fruity,I do actually think the smell is quite comforting =/It looks quite funky too with its purple and white swirls,its one of the bigger bubble bars so Im hoping to get a good few uses out of this.
So that was my little haul,I was feeling quite down yesterday so this has perked me up and got me in a good mood for work again tomorrow.I have however managed to cut my feet to pieces by wearing silly heels to shop!Argh will i ever learn?Probably not!

Saturday, 20 June 2009

YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick

Just check out these babies :)

Ive had my eye on these gorgeous lipsticks from YSL since they came out but only got round to taking a look at them irl yesterday and I ahve to say there even better than I imagined.I swatched about 3 shades that took my fancy and there absolutley gorgeous as is the stunning packaging.They cost £20 and I had already spent quite a bit on my shopping spree so decided to be good and wait until Id done a few more shifts at work before I could 'reward' myself.I gotta have some self restraint :P haha

I really can`t wait to pick up Sensual silk or Nude beige,not decided yet,hopefully I`ll get around to buying both.There so pigmented and felt really smooth and creamy when I swatched them but tbh it was kinda the packaging that sold it for me too.They will look SO good in my handbag,ahh,Im a sucker for packaging...what can I say? :)

Has anyone tried these lippies?If so....I envy you :P

Beauty Questions

I wasn`t tagged to do this but spotted it on another blog and decided to give it a go :)Its late and I can`t sleep so here goes....

What's your favourite make up look?Hmm,I love a nude lip and a classic smokey eye.
Do you have a beauty vice?I have a thing for foundation,I really don`t like my skin so I just can`t be without it,wish I could,but nope,don`t see it happening any time soon
What part of your body do you love?I have a love/hate relationship with my eyes.hmm what do I love?erm I guess I 'love' my smile
Who is your beauty icon?Adriana Lima and Bar Rafaeli
What beauty product makes you feel instantly sexy?I definately feel sexier with a tan so fake tan I guess or my fave perfume.
How do you look after your skin?I drink ALOT of water,I don`t drink alcohol,I don`t eat junk food ever,Im also on medication for my skin,what good its doing Im not quite sure.In terms of cleansing my face I just use a gel wash on a morning then to remove my make up I use whipes,face wash and eye makeup remover combined.I never sleep in makeup.
What is your signature scent?Lacoste Pour Femme without doubt.
What are your hair care secrets?pffft I don`t actually have any,I wish I did
How do you pamper yourself?nails,face mask,long bath with some form of Lush novelty item :P
What is your beauty pet peeve?orange tide lines yak,streaky fake tan,although I have been victim to that many a time :(,ohh almost forgot...really bad eyebrows!Like chavvingly thin brows,not that mine are the thickest but I hardly every pluck mine there just naturally not that thick.
What would your desert island must haves be?make up and beauty wise...St Tropez bronzing moose,concealer,mascara,lipstick.
Finally, do you have a beauty philosophy?You can never have enough nude lipsticks :P

GLAMOUR magazine July edition

Ok so as everyone probably already knows (Im so late I know!) Glamour mag is giving away a free mini version of their famous Bad Gal mascara this month.Whoopie for me as I love this mascara.I know alot of people don`t but I really can not stress how much I adore this mascara.For me it is one of the best mascaras I have ever used.I like Maxfactor mascaras,YSL mascaras,Loreal mascaras and of course Bad Gal.Yeah so it is kinda tricky to apply as the brush is pretty chunky and I don`t use this for my lower lashes which is a bit of a faf on but I find it really thickens my lashes more than anything.I wouldn`t use this mascara if I was in a rush becuase I do have to spend some time carefully applying it,but for me it is worth it.

I had been trying to get my hands on the magazine the past week and couldn`t find it anywhere so I was thrilled when my mam came home yesterday with not one magazine for me but four.How kind :)

For anyone who hasn`t used Bad Gal before I say perfect opportunity to try it,Glamour mag is just £2 ,and the mag aint bad either.It might just work for you and if not well,its not like you`ve wasted any money.There also offering 15% off all benfit products when you order online.I love benefit but unfortunatly I think Ive spent quite enough this week so probably wont be taking advantage of the discount.

Major Friday Haul Of Randomnesssss!

Ok so yesterday I went overboard...slightly and as a consequence probably wont be doing ANY shopping from now until like...well into next month :(

However I am VERY happy with my purchases and thought Id post a few pics.First of all I headed to Lush where I picked up Sex Bomb bath ballistic...never tried this product before but I thought it was SO cute,I love the little rose in the middle,and it smells gorgeous too.I can`t wait to try it out,but I kinda wanna save it lol!Another bath ballistic I purchased was the vanilla fountain,for the simple face I adore anything vanilla and this ballistic smells gorgeous,I had to get it :)Next I picked up Melting Marshmellow Moment or 'MMM' ,its a bath melt and it smells literally mmm,its a really nice colour too.I then chose a new soap-I should coco,which I have had my eye on for a while.It smells and looks gorgeous,I love coconut scents so this was perfect for me,it looks so cute too,I love the little bits of coconut on the side (not sure if it is actual coconut?),I reckon those will provide a slight exfoliator too,so thats always good.I also purchased my first ever Lush lipbalm and that was Honey Trap,it smells SO good!Kinda like Honey I washed the kids,so if you like that soap,and lets face it who doesn`t,you gotta try this lip balm.Im wearing at the moment and its really soft and feels quite nourishing.Finally I decided I wanted to change my skincare routine so asked the assistant what cleansers she would reccomend.She advised me to try angels on bare skin,which I had been debating over already and for a night time use as its aparantly good for removing make up,Ultrabland.I picked up two samples and I will do a review on those at a later date.

Next stop was Mac,I only got two items.Mainly becuase I waited SO long to be served ,not sure why as there were 4 assistants on the counter and noone else waiting to be served other than me,however they seemed more interested in applying make up to the girls in the make up chairs.I understand that that too is their job but it would have been nice to have at least been acknowledged.Anyway I picked up Studio Fix concealer in NW20 in the hope that it is better than Studio Sculpt,and I also got Woodwinked eyeshadow.One thats been on my must get list for a while but nothing too exciting.

So...whilst I was in House Of Fraser I spotted my most favourite perfume EVER!Which I have been after for a while but been trying to save up enough points on my Boots card to sort of justify the purchase of a perfume I don`t actually need just really love!However as it was reduced I jsut couldn`t resist,and I am so happy.I am of course talking about Lacoste Pour Femme,I have had about 6 bottles of this perfume over the years and it has sort of become my signature perfume,it reminds me of happy times gone buy and I reckon I will probably buy this perfume until they stop making it.Which would be horrible :(

Me and my mam then moved onto the underware section in the search of a new bra for myself.I have lost quite a bit of weight recently and unfortunatly stores such as Topshop,Primark etc don`t go up to my cup size so I always have to go to HOF for my bras.I got refitted and picked out this sweet little Freya number.I love Freya bras,there so comfortble and have a great selection.

Next stop was Accesorize,another shop I just can`t resist.I was looking for a pair of rose stud earrings and intended on buying a cream pair I had seen at another store but when I spotted these sweet baby pink pair I had to have them,I love them,there so cute.Whilst paying I also spotted this adorable little phone charm,its a deer,and its pointless,but its cute and I`m a sucker for cute so that was that,I got it. :)

Time for a bit of clothes shopping I headed to Warehouse where I spotted this cream and black striped dress.OMG,it was love at first sight,I wasn`t looking for a dress but I had to have it.The photo doesn`t do it justice at all (I guess I should have snapped a pic of me in it) but I adore it,it will be perfect for my holiday and Im sooo pleased with it :).

Next it was Topshop,I tried on many items but ended up getting a pair of blue Hareem trousers.haha,yes I know they look funny,but ya know what I diddn`t think I was going to be able to pull these off but they actually don`t look to bad,I think I can get away with them,but knowing me I will probably wear them once then decide I look hideous in them.I love the colour and plan on wearing them with just a simple fitted white vest,gladiators and a few bangles to accesorise.I also picked up some new black legging,I diddnt take a pic,becuase we all know what TS black leggings look like right?That would be boring.But I desperatley needed a new pair so I got those too.

I then popped into Boots and picked up some hair dye and Dove gradual self tanner,Ive never actually tried this.I used to swear by the Johnsons one when I was like 16,so along time ago,but Im much more of an actual fake tan person.However I have heard alot of good things about this product and plus there was a special offer on so I picked it up.I also got a new hairspray by Toni and Guy but when I got it home I realised the nozzle was missing grrr.So my mam is taking that back for me today so thats why its not included in the photos.

My final purchase was two Tigi bed head products,I have never tired these products before but my bf loves them haha,I love the packaging too and his hair always smells so nice so I thought why not.I picked up Superstar shampoo and conditioner and Im looking forward to trying them out.They smell so good.

So that was all I think,all in all a great day and now Im broke :( not so good.Better get my but into work!

Bye guys :)

Thursday, 18 June 2009

I HATE Mac studio sculpt concealer!!!

After almost three weeks of trying to persevere with this concealer I have given up and written it off as a reject!I can`t understand what Im doing wrong...I`ve read alot of good things about it,hence why I bought it in the first place but,honestly,it makes my already dark under eye circles darker!I sware,its not just my imagination.Its just SO hideous,I don`t even think it covers blemishes and red areas well either and I truly feel it was an utter waste of money.I just don`t get it,I feel like I must be applying it wrong but I can`t imagine what I could possibly be doing wrong?
Anyway,Im going to the metro centre tomorrow and Im going back to benefit....erase paste...I`m back! <3
I just wish you were a little cheaper :(

Love Lettuce V Catastrope Cosmetic

Yep Im talking about the Lush fresh facemasks :)

On a recent lush haul I picked up Catastrophe cosmetic fresh facemask as I had heard loooaads of great things about it on the Lush reviews and the Lush forums.However,and I don`t know if this is an offer on at all lush stores atm or not but at my store they were doing a two for one offer and so I decided to pick up Love Lettuce also for free.I had never tried a lush face mask before and so was a little wary,as I always am about trying new products on my face.

I have never had shocking acne but it is/was there, it bothered me and I am on medication for it,however my skin is looking good at the moment (spot wise anyway!) and I just hoped it would stay that way.

Luckily it has!

To date I have used both masks 4 times and have to say I am pretty pleased with Love Lettuce it is a great two in one exfoliator and mask and it left my skin SO smooth and bright!However Catastrophe Cosmetic wins hands down!It smells gorgeous,it feels gorgeous to apply and my skin looked fabulous after using it,In my opinion it evened out my skin tone,left my skin feeling and looking soft and smoother.When I first tried this mask I had a blemish,after using Catastrophe Cosmetic the blemish was barely noticeable,I sware the redness had gone and after a day or so ,so had the spot-usually they linger for weeks!I really really love this mask,it kinda smells of parma violets ,you know the purple sweeties you got as a kid.Well,I never liked those sweets but I love this mask and I would deffinetly reccomend it to anyone with uneven skin tone,sensitive skin,combination skin,or anyone who suffers with mild acne.Love Lettuce I am not so sure I would repurchase,I would be happy to use it again but I diddn`t think wow like I did with CC.I think its a great exfoliator for me personally as I like something quite abrasive but I would say be wary of how much you scrub when your removing the mask if you have sensitive skin.

Both masks cost £6.31 however like I said I got Love Lettuce for free,so if your thinking of buying a fresh face mask,now is the time,they may have this offer on permanantly but Im not sure.The masks do have a sell by date which kinda sucks,I only have a few days left with mine-they 'go off' after three weeks.However I ahve done some research and Im going to have a go at using them after this date-bad idea?we`ll see!Or I may freeze them,which I have heard means you can get more use out of them?We shall see...

Ma Bar,I love you

Yes Im talking about the amazing Ma Ba bubble bar from Lush,omg I am in love.:)

I bought ma ba for the first time about a fortnight ago and its been sitting in my lush collection ever since becuase I was saving it,for what reason I don`t know but w/e,it smelt amazing so I guess I wanted to keep it for as long as possible.

So,anyway last night I decided to finally get round to using it in my bath,im amazed,I only ended up using a quater of the bar and with that I had literally tonnes of bubbles!I initally broke the bar in half and intended on crumbling the whole half into my bath water,however after adding just a quater of it I realsied I already had a stack of bubbles.This was a much better result than my previous Creamy Candy Bath.

The scent is gorgeous,if you like toffee,vanilla,chocolate or honey scents then I seriously reccomend this,its one of the most popular bubble bars and for £2.30 you can`t go wrong!Its also got a little cute sugar lump in the centre,which ive read you can use for exfoliating,but I haven`t tried that one yet.I am a big Honey I washed the kids fan and in some ways this is kinda similar,so if you like that soap and want a bubble bar to try then deffinetly go for this.Its gorgeous!

Tuesday, 9 June 2009


Ok so for anyone who happens to stumble across my blog,I thought Id add my twitter :) feel free to add me for random,mundane updates of my life!hurrah!
and also lots of beauty tweets! :)

Monday, 8 June 2009

Return of an old friend,my trusty St.Tropez :)

Soooo on Friday I arrived home from college and there it was waiting for me my St.Tropez package!I have tried almost every fake tanner there is going over the years,well since I was about 14 anways :P and St.Tropez has to be my favourite.I know some people prefer Fake Bake and I have tried Fake Bake,infact the reason I have not been using St.Tropez for the past 8 or so months is due to Fake Bake.I was at a beauty trade show in Manchester in October of last year and there was a Fake Bake counter,now at the counter they were doing a deal like 30% of normal RRP.So,me being suckered in I thought oh wow,Ive never tired it,its pretty pricey,theres a great deal here,I`ve heard alot of great bought it ....and I bought alot :PHowever I although I think its good I don`t think it is a patch on St.Tropez.I really don`t think you will ever find a more natural looking fake tanner that still gives you a great bronzed colour.I also find the moose really really great and easy to apply.I prefer the packaging and I prefer the smell.I also like how it has a greenish/brown tint to the moose so i can see where I have applied.So I am officially back on the St.Tropez wagon :) yey!

**SOAP AND GLORY**Flake Away Body Polish::Review

What is it?Soap and Glory Flake Away Body Polish

Where did you get it?Boots

How much was it?£6.40 ish

How would you rate it?5/5 -can`t fault it!

Ok so I am a Soap and Glory fan although I had been on a kind of break from them for about a year or so as I was just wanting to test out all other brands out there basically.However I was in my local boots about a month ago and diddn`t have much time,I really needed an exfoliator so I thought why not go back to my trusty brand SAG and pick one up,and Im did and Im so glad.I love this exfoliator.The packaging,the result,the price,the smell.I can not fault this product.Its one of those exfoliators where is can be as abraisive as you want it to be,if you want a gentle scrub then dont apply to much and just gently rub it into the skin.If your the kind of girl that likes hard core dead skin cell removal like me lol then use more product and a firmer scrub,you can even use a loofah or something along side it but personally I diddnt find that necessery.

The scrub is made with shea butter,sea salt,grapeseed and almond oils.It has a a really light,nice scent to it,not to overpowering at all,it smells really 'girly' but it is not strong at all.The tub I bought was a 300ml tub and it cost me about £6,I think that is a deal,you get alot of product!This will last me a really long time and you dont need alot of product to do the job at all.SAG also do a smaller size version in a 50ml for around £2.30,you can pick one up from Boots,so If you dont want to commit to spending so much on a product you have never used before then you might want to go for this,but try it,I really reccomend it and will continue to buy it although I dont think mine will be running out for a loooong time yet! happy days! :)

**LUSH!** Massage bar review::Therapy

What is is it?LUSH Massage Bar-Therapy
Where did you get it?In store but you can order online at
How much was it?£4.84
How would you rate it?3/5 (so far!)

I bought this from my local lush store on Saturday along with alot of other items,I left the shop a happy girl as I also managed to get a sample of dream cream which I have heard many a good thing about and also their new soap 13 soap-unlucky for soap.I also purchased a cosmetic catastrope fresh face mask and alongside that was given a free fresh face mask as part of a deal that they had going on ,the second mask I chose was Love Lettuce-which Im yet to try!I have tried cosmetic casatrophe :) and I will do a review on that later.

So back to Therapy.Now,I had originally planned only buying the Fever massage bar after reading lots of great stuff about it at however I picked up one of the tins to store it in and the lush girl told me that if I purchased two massage buys then the tin comes from so...I was suckered in,I thought why not.Quickly I picked up (without scent testing!) therapy and handed it over the counter.I had previously watched Juicystar07 and Allthatglitters21`s haul including the Therapy bar and they both loved it so much I thought hmm I really wanna try that one.Big mistake...and I know smell is a really personal thing,Therapy is really popular but I just dont like the smell.I read a review yesterday and someone said it smelt of Terry`s chocolate orange.It kind of does,but not in a good way.It sort of gives me a headache :(

The effect of the bar however is good :) it really softened my skin and I prefered it to using a lotion because it did moisturise my skin but I diddn`t need to rub it in,I just waited a few minutes until the oils had sunk in before getting dressed again.Aparantly Therapy is also good for stretchmarks too but we`ll see.I am going to continue using it,Im hoping the smell will be a grower because I do like this product and I thought it gave my skin a real shean,almost a shimmer,it made me look healthy so if your skin is a tad dull I would deffinetly reccomend this product.I paid £4.84 for the bar which seems pretty reasonable to me,like I say aparantly it works great on scars and stretchmarks,I havent seen this on myself,I dont have many stretchmarks and Ive only used it once but I would say it is deffinetly worth a shot,I have read a stack of great reviews and for the price I would say go for it!

The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural

So...this is my first ever blog :)
Im Laura,Im 19,Im a beauty therapist however next year I hope to get into makeup college and eventually become a make up artist.I love what I do and I feel very passionate about it.
I am into everything beauty related,seriously,its my addiction!haha.I don`t smoke or drink so err I kind of balance it out with the rediculous amount of money I spend each month on cosmetics :POr at least thats my excuse.
I am a massive follower of the 'youtube make up guru' scene,I am a big fan of allthatglitters21 Elle and her sister Blair ,Juicystar07,I think there amazing,so funny and pretty and I love watching their videos.Other mentions go to lollipop26 and whatstyleistonickel who I find so so helpful,I have always been a great lover of beauty products and make up but seriously those two are to blame for my now ridiculous obsession!LOL.
Oh,I have to give a mention to Michele1218 also,she too is genious,love her hauls especially!
Basically I have set up my own blog so that I can create my own reviews on various beauty products and make up that I try out and Im also hoping to come across other 'beauty bloggers' as like I said,I love to find out others opinions before I buy a product.My fave make up brand is MAC although I am a fan of Benefit and Nars also.Drugstore brands are great too,I love foundations by Revlon and I also like GOSH cosmetics,they have great lip products imo.My absolute favourite place to shop for beauty products is the one and only LUSH!Yay!I adore it,and Im really obsessed with the place right now,I love trying everything from their fresh face masks to their massage bars.Lush makes me happy!lol.
So,that is about all from me for now,hopefully this thing will take off and it will be a really fun place for me to rant and rave about all the products I like and disklike :)