Saturday, 20 June 2009

Beauty Questions

I wasn`t tagged to do this but spotted it on another blog and decided to give it a go :)Its late and I can`t sleep so here goes....

What's your favourite make up look?Hmm,I love a nude lip and a classic smokey eye.
Do you have a beauty vice?I have a thing for foundation,I really don`t like my skin so I just can`t be without it,wish I could,but nope,don`t see it happening any time soon
What part of your body do you love?I have a love/hate relationship with my eyes.hmm what do I love?erm I guess I 'love' my smile
Who is your beauty icon?Adriana Lima and Bar Rafaeli
What beauty product makes you feel instantly sexy?I definately feel sexier with a tan so fake tan I guess or my fave perfume.
How do you look after your skin?I drink ALOT of water,I don`t drink alcohol,I don`t eat junk food ever,Im also on medication for my skin,what good its doing Im not quite sure.In terms of cleansing my face I just use a gel wash on a morning then to remove my make up I use whipes,face wash and eye makeup remover combined.I never sleep in makeup.
What is your signature scent?Lacoste Pour Femme without doubt.
What are your hair care secrets?pffft I don`t actually have any,I wish I did
How do you pamper yourself?nails,face mask,long bath with some form of Lush novelty item :P
What is your beauty pet peeve?orange tide lines yak,streaky fake tan,although I have been victim to that many a time :(,ohh almost forgot...really bad eyebrows!Like chavvingly thin brows,not that mine are the thickest but I hardly every pluck mine there just naturally not that thick.
What would your desert island must haves be?make up and beauty wise...St Tropez bronzing moose,concealer,mascara,lipstick.
Finally, do you have a beauty philosophy?You can never have enough nude lipsticks :P

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