Monday, 8 June 2009

The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural

So...this is my first ever blog :)
Im Laura,Im 19,Im a beauty therapist however next year I hope to get into makeup college and eventually become a make up artist.I love what I do and I feel very passionate about it.
I am into everything beauty related,seriously,its my addiction!haha.I don`t smoke or drink so err I kind of balance it out with the rediculous amount of money I spend each month on cosmetics :POr at least thats my excuse.
I am a massive follower of the 'youtube make up guru' scene,I am a big fan of allthatglitters21 Elle and her sister Blair ,Juicystar07,I think there amazing,so funny and pretty and I love watching their videos.Other mentions go to lollipop26 and whatstyleistonickel who I find so so helpful,I have always been a great lover of beauty products and make up but seriously those two are to blame for my now ridiculous obsession!LOL.
Oh,I have to give a mention to Michele1218 also,she too is genious,love her hauls especially!
Basically I have set up my own blog so that I can create my own reviews on various beauty products and make up that I try out and Im also hoping to come across other 'beauty bloggers' as like I said,I love to find out others opinions before I buy a product.My fave make up brand is MAC although I am a fan of Benefit and Nars also.Drugstore brands are great too,I love foundations by Revlon and I also like GOSH cosmetics,they have great lip products imo.My absolute favourite place to shop for beauty products is the one and only LUSH!Yay!I adore it,and Im really obsessed with the place right now,I love trying everything from their fresh face masks to their massage bars.Lush makes me happy!lol.
So,that is about all from me for now,hopefully this thing will take off and it will be a really fun place for me to rant and rave about all the products I like and disklike :)

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