Thursday, 18 June 2009

I HATE Mac studio sculpt concealer!!!

After almost three weeks of trying to persevere with this concealer I have given up and written it off as a reject!I can`t understand what Im doing wrong...I`ve read alot of good things about it,hence why I bought it in the first place but,honestly,it makes my already dark under eye circles darker!I sware,its not just my imagination.Its just SO hideous,I don`t even think it covers blemishes and red areas well either and I truly feel it was an utter waste of money.I just don`t get it,I feel like I must be applying it wrong but I can`t imagine what I could possibly be doing wrong?
Anyway,Im going to the metro centre tomorrow and Im going back to benefit....erase paste...I`m back! <3
I just wish you were a little cheaper :(


  1. Oh my gosh..i've never come across anyone that shares the love of erase paste like i do! lol It works wonders for my dark circles. :) xx

  2. Oh I adore it!I think all benefit concealers are fab but this is amazing.It is qite pricey but mine lasts for ages.I love the packaging too.So cute lol xx

  3. I <3 Erase paste. I bought a brand new tub, dropped it behind me at work, turned round to pick it up and it disappered. I'm sure the cleaner put it in his rubbish sack as he'd just walked past me :(

    I replaced it with MAC Studio Sculpt actually and I really like it. It doesn't have as nice a consistancy as erase paste but it seems to do the same job for me

  4. Erase paste has to be the best concealer Ive ever used!I have heard mixed things about Studio Sculpt but I guess its just not for me.I did however get Studio Fix last week and I am getting along just great with it :)