Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Items I`m debating atm!

Sorry for the unimaginative post title,basically heres a wish list/or things I`m considering purchasing as and when I can afford them/get to nearest counter etc :)If anyone reading this has tried any of the products listed I would LOVE to hear what you think of them.Drop me a comment and it will be greatly appreciated,Im obviously doing some research into them before I buy them but I do have some questions about certain products I just can`t find the answers too.So anyway,I`ll stop rambling-here goes
1.Laura Mercier oil free tinted moisturiser
ah shock horror.no.
I have read alot about this lately -everything good (ok apart from the price) and I really wanna try it out.Im going on holiday soon and don`t want to be caked in foundation all dayand night long AT ALL ,however Im very concious of my skin and I like a good coverage foundation,so this is going to be tough for me, however I hear this is provides good coverage and Ive been reading Ella http://ellacinderellax.blogspot.com/ `s blog and noticed she uses this product alot and her skin is gorgeous!Im not expecting to have perfect skin just because of this product but it deffinetly seems one to try with the hot weather were having atm.The big problem for me however is getting my hands on it,where the hell is there a LM counter?Seriously I don`t think I`ve ever seen one.I live in the North East so if anyone knows one near by,please let me know,I`d love you forever.I will however probabaly end up buying online.
2.Nars Laguna Bronzer
Ok Im not even debating this,I am getting it!I actually had the intention of purchasing it when I went to the metro centre last week but HOF has no Nars counter so I discovered so I diddn`t get my mits on it-gutted :(So Im wondering if Fenwicks in Newcastle has one?I can`t imagine where else near by I could get it.I was in Harvey Nic`s a few weeks back in Leeds but I was only interested in mac that day (stupid me!) so diddn`t pick it up.Again probabaly gonna have to order online,which I don`t like doing,Idk,I think i like the whole beauty counter experience lol!
3.Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation
I am deffinetly debating this foundation,although I have only just begun to hear anything about it.Im on the look out for reviews as I type,although youtube is down atm grr-nice timing youtube!I would love to know if anyone has this,what do you think?


  1. NARS is the most beautiful bronzer in the world!! i am so excited for you to get it! =)

  2. Hi there is a Laura Mercier Counter in Fenwicks in Newcastle and there is also a Space NK in Newcastle where i think you can get it from x

  3. @ Violet:me too Ive never heard a bad thing about it,I can`t wait!Just wish I diddn`t have to go so far to get it.
    @LauraAlexandra90 aw thank you SO much,I thought there might have been one in Fenwicks but Ive never had much interest in LM before so wasn`t sure,THANKS!xx