Thursday, 18 June 2009

Love Lettuce V Catastrope Cosmetic

Yep Im talking about the Lush fresh facemasks :)

On a recent lush haul I picked up Catastrophe cosmetic fresh facemask as I had heard loooaads of great things about it on the Lush reviews and the Lush forums.However,and I don`t know if this is an offer on at all lush stores atm or not but at my store they were doing a two for one offer and so I decided to pick up Love Lettuce also for free.I had never tried a lush face mask before and so was a little wary,as I always am about trying new products on my face.

I have never had shocking acne but it is/was there, it bothered me and I am on medication for it,however my skin is looking good at the moment (spot wise anyway!) and I just hoped it would stay that way.

Luckily it has!

To date I have used both masks 4 times and have to say I am pretty pleased with Love Lettuce it is a great two in one exfoliator and mask and it left my skin SO smooth and bright!However Catastrophe Cosmetic wins hands down!It smells gorgeous,it feels gorgeous to apply and my skin looked fabulous after using it,In my opinion it evened out my skin tone,left my skin feeling and looking soft and smoother.When I first tried this mask I had a blemish,after using Catastrophe Cosmetic the blemish was barely noticeable,I sware the redness had gone and after a day or so ,so had the spot-usually they linger for weeks!I really really love this mask,it kinda smells of parma violets ,you know the purple sweeties you got as a kid.Well,I never liked those sweets but I love this mask and I would deffinetly reccomend it to anyone with uneven skin tone,sensitive skin,combination skin,or anyone who suffers with mild acne.Love Lettuce I am not so sure I would repurchase,I would be happy to use it again but I diddn`t think wow like I did with CC.I think its a great exfoliator for me personally as I like something quite abrasive but I would say be wary of how much you scrub when your removing the mask if you have sensitive skin.

Both masks cost £6.31 however like I said I got Love Lettuce for free,so if your thinking of buying a fresh face mask,now is the time,they may have this offer on permanantly but Im not sure.The masks do have a sell by date which kinda sucks,I only have a few days left with mine-they 'go off' after three weeks.However I ahve done some research and Im going to have a go at using them after this date-bad idea?we`ll see!Or I may freeze them,which I have heard means you can get more use out of them?We shall see...


  1. catastrope cosmetic 8in Italy, where i live, is Cosmetic Warrior), s my favourite fresch mask..i love it, even if the chocolate mask (I don't know what is the english title), is the best,,,

  2. hey :) I think theres two masks CC and CW although I`m not sure about in Italy.I hear CW smells of garlic but I never tried it?The chocolate mask is called cupcake,it smells gorgeous and looks edible haha.Its next on my list :)