Monday, 8 June 2009

**LUSH!** Massage bar review::Therapy

What is is it?LUSH Massage Bar-Therapy
Where did you get it?In store but you can order online at
How much was it?£4.84
How would you rate it?3/5 (so far!)

I bought this from my local lush store on Saturday along with alot of other items,I left the shop a happy girl as I also managed to get a sample of dream cream which I have heard many a good thing about and also their new soap 13 soap-unlucky for soap.I also purchased a cosmetic catastrope fresh face mask and alongside that was given a free fresh face mask as part of a deal that they had going on ,the second mask I chose was Love Lettuce-which Im yet to try!I have tried cosmetic casatrophe :) and I will do a review on that later.

So back to Therapy.Now,I had originally planned only buying the Fever massage bar after reading lots of great stuff about it at however I picked up one of the tins to store it in and the lush girl told me that if I purchased two massage buys then the tin comes from so...I was suckered in,I thought why not.Quickly I picked up (without scent testing!) therapy and handed it over the counter.I had previously watched Juicystar07 and Allthatglitters21`s haul including the Therapy bar and they both loved it so much I thought hmm I really wanna try that one.Big mistake...and I know smell is a really personal thing,Therapy is really popular but I just dont like the smell.I read a review yesterday and someone said it smelt of Terry`s chocolate orange.It kind of does,but not in a good way.It sort of gives me a headache :(

The effect of the bar however is good :) it really softened my skin and I prefered it to using a lotion because it did moisturise my skin but I diddn`t need to rub it in,I just waited a few minutes until the oils had sunk in before getting dressed again.Aparantly Therapy is also good for stretchmarks too but we`ll see.I am going to continue using it,Im hoping the smell will be a grower because I do like this product and I thought it gave my skin a real shean,almost a shimmer,it made me look healthy so if your skin is a tad dull I would deffinetly reccomend this product.I paid £4.84 for the bar which seems pretty reasonable to me,like I say aparantly it works great on scars and stretchmarks,I havent seen this on myself,I dont have many stretchmarks and Ive only used it once but I would say it is deffinetly worth a shot,I have read a stack of great reviews and for the price I would say go for it!

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  1. I just opened my 'Lush' draw and got a wiff of Therapy..yak!The smell is getting worse.Also would just like to add since I made this review I have used Therapy about 3 more times and it has snapped in half!I wanted to keep using it too see if I saw a difference In stretchmark appearance but as yet-nothing.I wonder how long your ment to use it for before you see results.Anyway,mine is in two pieces now and getting very thing.I very much doubt I will repurchase!