Thursday, 18 June 2009

Ma Bar,I love you

Yes Im talking about the amazing Ma Ba bubble bar from Lush,omg I am in love.:)

I bought ma ba for the first time about a fortnight ago and its been sitting in my lush collection ever since becuase I was saving it,for what reason I don`t know but w/e,it smelt amazing so I guess I wanted to keep it for as long as possible.

So,anyway last night I decided to finally get round to using it in my bath,im amazed,I only ended up using a quater of the bar and with that I had literally tonnes of bubbles!I initally broke the bar in half and intended on crumbling the whole half into my bath water,however after adding just a quater of it I realsied I already had a stack of bubbles.This was a much better result than my previous Creamy Candy Bath.

The scent is gorgeous,if you like toffee,vanilla,chocolate or honey scents then I seriously reccomend this,its one of the most popular bubble bars and for £2.30 you can`t go wrong!Its also got a little cute sugar lump in the centre,which ive read you can use for exfoliating,but I haven`t tried that one yet.I am a big Honey I washed the kids fan and in some ways this is kinda similar,so if you like that soap and want a bubble bar to try then deffinetly go for this.Its gorgeous!


  1. I just used one tonight.. I love the smell. I get quite depressed when im having a bad day and this is one of the only smells (and hot chocolate) that can instantly make me feel ok again!!

  2. it's my favourite too...but I Love Me is the best in the world...isn't it???

  3. Yeah I think Ma Bar could never fail to cheer me up If I used it on a bad day :)
    I would reccomend it to anyone who hasn`t tried it yet,well worth the money