Saturday, 20 June 2009

Major Friday Haul Of Randomnesssss!

Ok so yesterday I went overboard...slightly and as a consequence probably wont be doing ANY shopping from now until like...well into next month :(

However I am VERY happy with my purchases and thought Id post a few pics.First of all I headed to Lush where I picked up Sex Bomb bath ballistic...never tried this product before but I thought it was SO cute,I love the little rose in the middle,and it smells gorgeous too.I can`t wait to try it out,but I kinda wanna save it lol!Another bath ballistic I purchased was the vanilla fountain,for the simple face I adore anything vanilla and this ballistic smells gorgeous,I had to get it :)Next I picked up Melting Marshmellow Moment or 'MMM' ,its a bath melt and it smells literally mmm,its a really nice colour too.I then chose a new soap-I should coco,which I have had my eye on for a while.It smells and looks gorgeous,I love coconut scents so this was perfect for me,it looks so cute too,I love the little bits of coconut on the side (not sure if it is actual coconut?),I reckon those will provide a slight exfoliator too,so thats always good.I also purchased my first ever Lush lipbalm and that was Honey Trap,it smells SO good!Kinda like Honey I washed the kids,so if you like that soap,and lets face it who doesn`t,you gotta try this lip balm.Im wearing at the moment and its really soft and feels quite nourishing.Finally I decided I wanted to change my skincare routine so asked the assistant what cleansers she would reccomend.She advised me to try angels on bare skin,which I had been debating over already and for a night time use as its aparantly good for removing make up,Ultrabland.I picked up two samples and I will do a review on those at a later date.

Next stop was Mac,I only got two items.Mainly becuase I waited SO long to be served ,not sure why as there were 4 assistants on the counter and noone else waiting to be served other than me,however they seemed more interested in applying make up to the girls in the make up chairs.I understand that that too is their job but it would have been nice to have at least been acknowledged.Anyway I picked up Studio Fix concealer in NW20 in the hope that it is better than Studio Sculpt,and I also got Woodwinked eyeshadow.One thats been on my must get list for a while but nothing too exciting.

So...whilst I was in House Of Fraser I spotted my most favourite perfume EVER!Which I have been after for a while but been trying to save up enough points on my Boots card to sort of justify the purchase of a perfume I don`t actually need just really love!However as it was reduced I jsut couldn`t resist,and I am so happy.I am of course talking about Lacoste Pour Femme,I have had about 6 bottles of this perfume over the years and it has sort of become my signature perfume,it reminds me of happy times gone buy and I reckon I will probably buy this perfume until they stop making it.Which would be horrible :(

Me and my mam then moved onto the underware section in the search of a new bra for myself.I have lost quite a bit of weight recently and unfortunatly stores such as Topshop,Primark etc don`t go up to my cup size so I always have to go to HOF for my bras.I got refitted and picked out this sweet little Freya number.I love Freya bras,there so comfortble and have a great selection.

Next stop was Accesorize,another shop I just can`t resist.I was looking for a pair of rose stud earrings and intended on buying a cream pair I had seen at another store but when I spotted these sweet baby pink pair I had to have them,I love them,there so cute.Whilst paying I also spotted this adorable little phone charm,its a deer,and its pointless,but its cute and I`m a sucker for cute so that was that,I got it. :)

Time for a bit of clothes shopping I headed to Warehouse where I spotted this cream and black striped dress.OMG,it was love at first sight,I wasn`t looking for a dress but I had to have it.The photo doesn`t do it justice at all (I guess I should have snapped a pic of me in it) but I adore it,it will be perfect for my holiday and Im sooo pleased with it :).

Next it was Topshop,I tried on many items but ended up getting a pair of blue Hareem trousers.haha,yes I know they look funny,but ya know what I diddn`t think I was going to be able to pull these off but they actually don`t look to bad,I think I can get away with them,but knowing me I will probably wear them once then decide I look hideous in them.I love the colour and plan on wearing them with just a simple fitted white vest,gladiators and a few bangles to accesorise.I also picked up some new black legging,I diddnt take a pic,becuase we all know what TS black leggings look like right?That would be boring.But I desperatley needed a new pair so I got those too.

I then popped into Boots and picked up some hair dye and Dove gradual self tanner,Ive never actually tried this.I used to swear by the Johnsons one when I was like 16,so along time ago,but Im much more of an actual fake tan person.However I have heard alot of good things about this product and plus there was a special offer on so I picked it up.I also got a new hairspray by Toni and Guy but when I got it home I realised the nozzle was missing grrr.So my mam is taking that back for me today so thats why its not included in the photos.

My final purchase was two Tigi bed head products,I have never tired these products before but my bf loves them haha,I love the packaging too and his hair always smells so nice so I thought why not.I picked up Superstar shampoo and conditioner and Im looking forward to trying them out.They smell so good.

So that was all I think,all in all a great day and now Im broke :( not so good.Better get my but into work!

Bye guys :)


  1. I really like Dove Summer body stuff. I tend to use mine every night, between fake tanning to keep my skin soft and to keep topping up the tan, but not making the colour darker if you see what I mean? Just stops it fading.
    I've just bought Woodwinked and i LOVE it.

  2. Thanks Shortiee31 :)

    @ MissDollyGal-yeah I think thats what Im gonna do,Ive been using it the past few days and for the price Im pretty impressed.Im loving woodwinked,so glad I finally got it :) xx