Sunday, 28 June 2009

Michael Jackson 1958-2009 R.I.P

Okay so Im sure everyone has heard the sad,sad news of the death of The king of pop,Michael Jackson.I don`t normally and probably wont ever make non beauty or fashion related posts again but for a legend like MJ I will make the exception.
I am deeply saddened by the news of his passing and just wanted to blog about how much of an inspiration he has been to me throughout my life.Of course I diddn`t know MJ personally but I have been a huge fan for as long as I can remember,I grew up with his music,I believe he is a genuine,sensitive,generous,good hearted person who was extremely misunderstood.Myself personally I do not believe any of the BS the media said about him over the years,I wont go into why,I understand people have different opinions but I just hope now that he is no longer with us that he can be remembered for his music and his kind spirit.
My thoughts and prayers are with his family and especially his three children,I just hope the media respects their privacy at such a difficult time.God bless Michael,you will never be forgotton.

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