Monday, 22 June 2009

Ok I caved...haul!

But not a very big one :P
Yes after what two days?I decided to hit the shops again.I picked up two items from Barry M,my very first lip paint in 101,I have heard too many good things about lip paints to just keep ignoring them so here it is the very pretty 101.I think it has a kind of odd texture,but whatever-can`t wait to try it out properly :)Along side my lip paint is a nail paint in bright pink and the number is 279 if anyones interested.I haven`t worn or bought a pink nail polish in SUCH a long time and I just love this colour.Ive been wearing a tonne of blue,green and orange variations lately so I think its time for a little change-this is so pretty,and a bargain.I love Barry M nail paints as they do great matte colours,and I love matte nails.They also last ages too,well imo,I usually get bored of a nail varnish after about 5 days but I can garuntee that by the end of the 5 days the polish is still going strong.There also so cheap,there like £2 something and theres also an offer on atm 2 for a fiver so If you haven`t tried nail paints yet,great opportunity.

I also have two new purchases from Topshop..woohoo,Im super excited about these.One is pretty simple,its just a navy and white striped tunic top thingy but I really love the shape and the navy and white together seems to go really well with my dark eyes and hair.Its just casual,for with leggings but I really like it.Then I got these super duper shorts,they kind of look like a skirt but there not.As you can see there floral,Im really into floral atm.There highwaisted,I love everything highwaisted and Im looking forward to wearing these on holiday next month.
I popped into Lush on my little shopping trip aswell and picked up two items.One is Honey i washed the kids soap.I adore this soap,I had a sample of it from ages ago that I had forgotton and rediscovered the other day.I loved it,I had to get myself a full size chunk today.Its so good,I love anything from Lush with a chocolate,vanilla or honey smell so this is perfect.I also picked up the comforter which I haven`t tried before but Ive had in the back of my mind for a while.It smells gorgeous,it sort of smells like Ribena =/Its just really blackcurrenty and fruity,I do actually think the smell is quite comforting =/It looks quite funky too with its purple and white swirls,its one of the bigger bubble bars so Im hoping to get a good few uses out of this.
So that was my little haul,I was feeling quite down yesterday so this has perked me up and got me in a good mood for work again tomorrow.I have however managed to cut my feet to pieces by wearing silly heels to shop!Argh will i ever learn?Probably not!


  1. I love the Topshop tunic, i have a plain white one and i'm desperate for more!

  2. thanks :)Oh plain white will be nice :)Ive never taken much notice of them before tbh but I am loving this one and its really easy to wear :)

  3. I wish I could get barry M here in the United States, im so jealous of guys in the UK!