Tuesday, 23 June 2009

On the hunt! plus LUSH skincare review..sort of.

As well as having some items in mind that Im debating getting atm I am also on the hunt!
1.a new skin care regime
2.a new eye liner
3.a new tanning solution

Ok so on Friday I got a sample of Angels on bare skin and also ultrbland from Lush.There both cleansers and the lush lady said I would love them and that I should use aobs in the morning and ub at night as it is super good for removing make up.She also pointed that 'obviously I wear make up' =/ that could have been taken the wrong way but whatever,I guess its true lol!
So I hadn`t even left the store and I already wasn`t liking the idea of ultrabland.The lush lady said that it was great for make up because it has alot of oil in it and oil removes oil,water will not remove oil and to remove my make up which is obv made up of oil I need to use an oil based cleanser.Yeh,I understand that oil will remove oil but Im a beauty therapist,I do know a bit about skin care and I trained (and used on myself prior to this) using dermalogica,I was never taught this theory.Surely If I have combination skin and I am more than just prone to the odd break out,I should not be using this cleanser?Anyway I decided to try and guess what I have broken out.Im not saying it is for definate the ub but I reckon it is.My skin is known to break out anyway but it was looking quite good of late actually and now I have a hideous breakout on part of my chin.yak.I know have only been using it for what 5 days,its hardly enough time to give up on it but I really really don`t want to test this cleanser out any further.
Aobs on the other hand however 'appears' and of course it could always be this which is actually caused the break out to be working nicely.Ive only been using it 5 days so Ive not expected miracles and Ive not had any but I feel that it leaves my skin so soft,and kinda brighter.
So,after all that my question is where do I go from here?I don`t want to go back to my old Dermalogica skin care routine,its pricey and it works-ish,as In it gets my skin clean but it doesn`t do wonder fors me,not for the price anyway and Im just not feeling these two Lush cleansers all that much.Im now thinking Clinique 3step?orrr alternative lush cleansers?

2.I need a new eye liner,I have been using mac eye khol in smoulder for about 10 months now maybe as my every day eyeliner,sometimes I just smudge on the lash line and then others I wear on the water line.However...
I feel this is too much for Summer,plus recently its been SO warm and its smudging left right and centre,it looks messy.Also Im doubting wether black eye liner is really for me at all.I have really odd shaped eyes.I,myself can`t even define wether there deep set or kind of protruding,ok so that sounds wierd but when I have my eyes open there isn`t much of my lid visible.I am going to post an upclose of my eyes becuase Im just making myself sound like a freak lol.So yeah Im in a bit of an eye liner dilemma,maybe I should be wearing a different coloured eyeliner,or no eye liner at all.

3.Im having tannig issues.I don`t like putting self tanner on my face.Which leaves me with a white head and a tanned body when Im not wearing make up lol!Well not a white head but,paler than the rest of me and I really don`t like this.Ive tried gradual self tanners for the face and I don`t like these either as I fidn there just too oily for me and they smell bad.So,Im thinking of going back to sun beds,which I really don`t want to do becuase I know its bad for you and Id much rather keep using my st tropez but,I am feeling the need to visit my tanning salon guys,especially in these summer months where a tan is essential!


  1. Clinique do a really great eyeliner. Mine has a sharpener on the top, which is always pretty handy!
    Loving your blog. Drop by mine when you get chance x

  2. thank youu :) I`ll look into the clinique eye liners.Taking a look now :)xx