Monday, 8 June 2009

Return of an old friend,my trusty St.Tropez :)

Soooo on Friday I arrived home from college and there it was waiting for me my St.Tropez package!I have tried almost every fake tanner there is going over the years,well since I was about 14 anways :P and St.Tropez has to be my favourite.I know some people prefer Fake Bake and I have tried Fake Bake,infact the reason I have not been using St.Tropez for the past 8 or so months is due to Fake Bake.I was at a beauty trade show in Manchester in October of last year and there was a Fake Bake counter,now at the counter they were doing a deal like 30% of normal RRP.So,me being suckered in I thought oh wow,Ive never tired it,its pretty pricey,theres a great deal here,I`ve heard alot of great bought it ....and I bought alot :PHowever I although I think its good I don`t think it is a patch on St.Tropez.I really don`t think you will ever find a more natural looking fake tanner that still gives you a great bronzed colour.I also find the moose really really great and easy to apply.I prefer the packaging and I prefer the smell.I also like how it has a greenish/brown tint to the moose so i can see where I have applied.So I am officially back on the St.Tropez wagon :) yey!

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