Monday, 8 June 2009

**SOAP AND GLORY**Flake Away Body Polish::Review

What is it?Soap and Glory Flake Away Body Polish

Where did you get it?Boots

How much was it?£6.40 ish

How would you rate it?5/5 -can`t fault it!

Ok so I am a Soap and Glory fan although I had been on a kind of break from them for about a year or so as I was just wanting to test out all other brands out there basically.However I was in my local boots about a month ago and diddn`t have much time,I really needed an exfoliator so I thought why not go back to my trusty brand SAG and pick one up,and Im did and Im so glad.I love this exfoliator.The packaging,the result,the price,the smell.I can not fault this product.Its one of those exfoliators where is can be as abraisive as you want it to be,if you want a gentle scrub then dont apply to much and just gently rub it into the skin.If your the kind of girl that likes hard core dead skin cell removal like me lol then use more product and a firmer scrub,you can even use a loofah or something along side it but personally I diddnt find that necessery.

The scrub is made with shea butter,sea salt,grapeseed and almond oils.It has a a really light,nice scent to it,not to overpowering at all,it smells really 'girly' but it is not strong at all.The tub I bought was a 300ml tub and it cost me about £6,I think that is a deal,you get alot of product!This will last me a really long time and you dont need alot of product to do the job at all.SAG also do a smaller size version in a 50ml for around £2.30,you can pick one up from Boots,so If you dont want to commit to spending so much on a product you have never used before then you might want to go for this,but try it,I really reccomend it and will continue to buy it although I dont think mine will be running out for a loooong time yet! happy days! :)

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