Thursday, 25 June 2009

What`s In My Bag?

So I`ve seen alot of these type blogs and videos on YT and fancied doing my own,so,this is my bag

This was actually an 18th birthday present from my boyfriend,its Juicy couture and I have had it for just over a year now,its not very summer-like but I alternate between this bag on days when I need a bigger bag and then on days when I don`t and when I`m wearing something summery I use my white French connection bag,which is alot smaller than this.A few weeks after I got this bag the stitching came out of the bow at the side and I should have really taken it back,I was so angry and upset because it was gorgeous too but n/m :( it just looks a bit feable now.I do love this bag though and it has a cute little mirror inside which is very handy :)

This typcially shows what I have in my bag minus my keys which I lost or should I say my mum lost on Saturday,tbh Im more bothered about the keyring I had on my keys as it was Juicy Couture and my friend got me it for Christmas so Im really gutted about thatI hope they turn up :(
First of I have my phone,its just the LG Viewty and its the purple one,I was having a purple phase when I bought this and I had to have it lol,I don`t care about phones much tbh as long as they look pretty, however saying that I am debating getting an iphone or a blackberry once Ive paid my car insurance off.
I then have two notepads and a pencil case which I think is really cute,its from Accesorize, these really need to be taken out of here now becuase Ive finished college.One book I actually use to write lists of stuff I have in mind to buy (make up wise) and products I see on youtube or blogs and I sometimes put them down in here so I dont forget,Im a bit sad like that lol.
I have two purses,one for the usual money,cards etc its a corally colour and its from River Island,its way to small but I liekd the colour so.The other is just a little round pale pink Ted Baker purse which I use to put hair clips and elastics and my memory stick, random stuff like that in,manily becuase I ahve to have my hair tied up when Im doing beauty treatments so I always carry extra bits for that.
I have my mini mac make up bag,this stays in my bag and I just throw in some powder for touch ups,whatever lipstick im wearing that day and sometimes my concealer too.I also have my Lush lipbalm and some vaseline and a random mac lip gele which I don`t really use tbh.Oh I also have my bodyshop coconut hair oil hair shine,this is mainly for when I need to put my hair up with not ahair out of place for college -grrr,or for a bit of added shine.It smells amazing.
I have my headphones for my phone and a random pen and then I have some miss selfridge bangles which are in there becuase I was wearing them the other day and I was shopping,trying on clothes and they were irritating me having to repeatedly take them of so I just threw them in my bag :)
So that is all really minus the missing keys :(,sometimes I will have a bottle of perfume In there but it just so happens I diddn`t have one in this time oh and I always have a big bottle of water when Im out and about :)

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