Saturday, 20 June 2009

YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick

Just check out these babies :)

Ive had my eye on these gorgeous lipsticks from YSL since they came out but only got round to taking a look at them irl yesterday and I ahve to say there even better than I imagined.I swatched about 3 shades that took my fancy and there absolutley gorgeous as is the stunning packaging.They cost £20 and I had already spent quite a bit on my shopping spree so decided to be good and wait until Id done a few more shifts at work before I could 'reward' myself.I gotta have some self restraint :P haha

I really can`t wait to pick up Sensual silk or Nude beige,not decided yet,hopefully I`ll get around to buying both.There so pigmented and felt really smooth and creamy when I swatched them but tbh it was kinda the packaging that sold it for me too.They will look SO good in my handbag,ahh,Im a sucker for packaging...what can I say? :)

Has anyone tried these lippies?If so....I envy you :P


  1. OMG i wanted to get these too!! ahh!! great beauty minds think alike ;) hehe

  2. What a beautiful lipstick! wow. I want one just to look pretty on my shelf :)

  3. I know,its a must just for the packaging imo lol.Can`t wait to get one :)Too many pretty shades to choose from though though!xx

  4. That hot pink one in the pic. looks gorgeous! :o

  5. @ Sugar-thank you!Xx
    @Shortiee31-yeah its stunning isn`t it?I wish I could get away with it lol xx
    @kittykatvvhore-aw thank you so much!I love your blog,just having a nosey through it now :) xx