Monday, 27 July 2009

Girls Aloud Lashes by Eylure-Cheryl Cole style!

Im sure everyones seen these lashes before,its the Girls Aloud range from Eylure and these babies are the Cheryl Cole style lashes.I have had these sitting in my draw for a few months now saving them for a night out that was worthy of such thick,dramatic lashes.On Saturday the time finally came...

I have always been a fan of falsies,I think its a great way to glam up your look and take it from day to night.Eylure are my fave brand ever for falsies and I`ve had some pretty bad experiences with other brands-won`t mention any names!These are great though,so easy to apply and come in a range of styles from the simple and demure to full on glam.

These particular lashes are different from my normal style of falsies,there very thick and do feel heavy when you first put them on but you do get used to them and after a while I forgot I was wearing them at all.I really love the style,and think they add so much drama to the eyes,I would totally repurchase,however they are deffinetly not lashes I would feel comfortable wearing during the day.

I picked my pair up from Superdrug but they are also available from the Asos website,they cost me around £5 and they feel very good quality.I was drawn to the Cheryl lashes over the others as hers are probably the most 'full on' of the bunch,if your after something a little less obvious then Id reccomend the Nicola style as they looked really pretty yet natural.I will post a pic of myself sporting them in my next post.

Thanks for reading guys :)




  1. I have got the Nicola lashes but not worn them yet. I can't get them to sit right! xx

  2. I've recently become addicted to falsies and i can't wait to see a pic of you wearing them cos i just can't decide what ones to get! x

  3. I've got nicolas b/c they were my second fav, cheryl's being my favorite, but they are hard to come by! Great post xx

  4. @Holly-There are?I would have imagined Nicola`s being the hardest to find b/c everyone seems to be wearing hers :)

    @Lauren:Picture doesn`t show them too well I`m afraid,I should have done a close up :(

    @Victoria:Aw,I did find these a little trickier than my usual lashes,I think its cos they were thicker and heavier.I`m thinking of trying out the Nicola ones next though :)