Thursday, 30 July 2009

July faves!

Its that time of the month-July faves!

Heres a little run down of products I`ve been loving in July...can you believe its almost August?!

First up is Dove summer glow,I use medium to dark and find that it is great for topping up my

tan between sunbed sessions,bad I know.Recently there has been an offer on at boots and If Im not mistake,Superdrug also,where you can buy a bottle for aroud £2.50.Total bargain!

Mac paint pot in!I don`t really like to apply alot of colour to my eyes during the day typically as I just feel too made up.Plus when Im running late theres not always time,thats where Rubenesque comes in.If its a hot day or I don`t want too much going on colour wise with my eyes I just simply apply this and Im good to go :)I love paint pots so much.I only purchased Rubenesque at the beginning of this month but it has never been off my lids,I love applying it under powder shadows too and discovering what different looks I can create.

Beneft Dr Feel good balm-this can be used under or over foundation to help 'smooth away the appearance of fineline,leaving skin feeling and looking more silky,flawless and matte to the touch'.Well,I dont know about the effect on fine lines but it 100% provides a more flawless,silky and matte appearance of your foundation.I have been using this product as a day on,day off basis to see if I can notice a different and I totally can,I am so impressed.I have never tried applying it over my foundation but I will get round to it.As always with Benefit the packaging is super cute too,I`m such a sucker!

Mac Matte Blush in Melba-This is for sure my fave blush at the moment,its not too pink,its not too peach,its not too light or too dark,and its matte!I love matte blush as I can`t stand sparkles on my cheeks and this one is deffinetly a winner.

Lancome Flash Bronzer is a self tanner designed for the face in gel form.This is a new purchase of mine and I have only tried it 3 times but so far 10/10.It isn`t too dark yet it gives you a noticable,light tan in one application.I apply it at night and rinse in the morning however the bottle says apply,wait to dry then proceed with makeup.Im not so keen on that idea for some reason,I guess I just don`t want to add yet another 'layer' to my primer,concealer,foundation,powder routine.The only downside to this product so far is the price,I think it was around £22 which for a 50ml bottle of product that basically gives you a sight glow in my opinion is kinda ridiculous.I am going on holiday tomorrow though and don`t want to wear foundation so a tanned face was an absolute must for me.

Mac e/s in Woodwinked-this isn`t really a fave of the month product.I will always love woodwinked e/s and if you don`t own already I totally reccomend.Its just so beautiful,easy to apply,can be worn with a day look or a night look-I can always rely on this shadow.Its a veluxe pearl,my fave finish and I simply wouldn`t want to be without it.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation-Yes another mention of my fave foundation to date!I wear the shade Tawny and I absolutley love it.If you don`t have time for touch ups during the day or simply don`t want to then this may be the foundation you`ve been looking for.I just feel my skin looks so healthy and fresh when I wear it,a true fave of July!

Coastal Scents large paddle,face brush-This is the so called dupe for the mac 134,which I don`t actually own but my mam does and I used to steal hers quite alot as she never seemed to use it much :)After comparing the two I have to say I love both just as much and am quite happy to use the CS version for the rest of my makeup loving days :) I use it to apply powder and bronzer and totally love it.I have had no shedding whatsoever and although I`ve only had it around 5 weeks I`ve had no probems whatsoever.I`d also like to comment on how impressed I am with the service I recieved from the CS website,delivery was SO quick,it was well packaged and they even threw in a free sample of one of there loose shadows.Thanks CS!

Tresemme 24 Hour Body Root Boosting Spray is a new purchase of mine and I have only used it around 3 times but I am very impressed.It does exactly what it claims and only a little amount of produt is required-I have a feeling I`ll have this bottle a lonnng time.I actually wanted to try out other products in this new Tresemme range but everywhere I go there sold out.I can`t remember how much this cost me but it was relatively inexpensive and gives great results.Anyone tried the rest of this range out?

Ah,and thats my July favourites-thanks for reading guys.If your doing monthly faves on your blog feel free to comment and link,I love reading them!


  1. Need to check out the blush/foundation I reckon :) x

  2. Love the Tresemme 24 hour body range- the mousse is awesome!
    Here's my July favs- Woodwinked was in my June favs