Friday, 24 July 2009

Letter Tag =]

Hey everyone,so this is just a little game were you have to answer a set of questions using a word which begins with the same letter as your name.As my name is Laura my letter is obviously L.I was tagged to do this by Fey at thanks!
So,Here goes...

1. What is your name?: Laura
2. A four Letter Word: : lost
3. A boy's Name: Leon
4. A girl's Name: Lacey
5. An occupation: lollipop lady :P
6. A color:lime
7. Something you wear:lipstick
9. A food: lasagne
10. Something found in the bathroom: loo roll :P
11. A place: London
12. A reason for being late: loosing your keys
13. Something you shout: ....loser? idk =/
14. A movie title:Love Actually
15. Something you drink: lemonade
16. A musical group: Led Zeppelin
17. An animal: lama
18. A street name: Lamble Street
19. A type of car: Lambourghini
20. The title of a song: Like a Prayer-Madonna

It`s actually harder than you think!
I tag everyone who reads this :)

1 comment:

  1. There is no way I could do this with the letter V!! lol. xx