Wednesday, 22 July 2009


So I stole this idea from Sarah at, Im sure most of you already have but go check her out-I love her blog!So basically this is a list of products/items Im a,loving b,hating and c,currently hating-right now,here goes..

Love love lovinnng my Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation stillll,amazing coverage and makes even my crappy skin look glowing and flawless,Im amazed.
Mac msf natural in medium-dark,my face powder of the moment for sure,so light and easy to work with yet does the job.
Dove Summer Glow,I reckon I`m on my third bottle of this now and its love,a little goes a long way,I see results after 1 application and I`m totally loving my new sunbed and dove sg combo.Goodbye fake tan am I glad to see the back of you!
Lush Honey I Washed The Kids Soap,I`ve had this a while now and at first was kinda neutral about it but now I`ve started using it regularly its love.Do I really need to say why?Everyone loves this soap and If you haven`t tried it I really reccomend it,It smells,quite literally lush.I really like the look of the honey comb design but hate the feel of it so I removed mine,I know most people like to get a nice little slice of it on theres but when I repurchase Im hoping I can get some without (Im so fussy I know!)
Mac blush in Melba,So this is a recent purchase of mine after I decided I hated pink blush on me and Im never wearing it again because I just feel like it clashes with my hair,skintone urgh everything.Im deffinetly getting into bronzer alot more these days however I wanted to try a peach blush and one with NO shimmer,which Im also hating atm.So,that lead me to purchase melba which I looooove.I`ve only had it about 2 weeks but I highly reccomend if your looking for a no shimmer,peachy tone blush.I love the name too,don`t know why.

Now I have been using this for a while but right now Im hating my Studio Fix Fluid,I don`t really know why other than I`ve been feeling totally tangoed in it lately,I wear nw25 and I liked it alot for ages but Im really not liking the colour right now.All I can put it down to is that my skintone has changed ever so slightly lately but how this would make me feel like it was orange.Plusss I have a full,brand new back up sitting in my draw which I now don`t know what to do with.
Bed Head Superstar Shampoo and Conditioner,I had previously tried a few bed head products before I purchased this shampoo and conditioner and I am a fan but these two really let me down,especially the shampoo.They were supposed to add volume and thicken but I honestly diddnt see any difference and this was after using the products for two weeks straight.I also found that I couldn`t get a lather with the shampoo,it was just awful and diddn`t feel like it was doin anything,I wanted to keep applying more and more products.The conditioner wasn`t as bad but its not worth the money imo.I only used these products for 2 weeks as I was determined to see a difference,sadly I diddn`t but hey maybe they would work great on different hair types just not mine.
Lush Angels On Bare Skin,now its unfair to say I hate this cleanser because I don`t,I just feel its totally meh.Infact I feel its a bit gimmicky.I purchased a pot about a month ago after reading great reviews on the Lush site and at first I did notice a difference in the softness of my skin so I kept using,however I then started to break out on my chin.Now this is nothing unusual for me and so I kept using not wanting to waste my product.The brake out diddnt get any worse or spread so Im not going to say for certain it was due to AOBS however this cleanser is like a putty,you have to take a piece in your hand,add water too and create a paste.Tbh its a bit of a faff on and it is pretty messy,for the results which aren`t anything great I just don`t think its worth it and sorry Lush but I wont be repurchasing!

Chanel Bronze Universal,I am soo into bronzer right now and after hearing great things about this particular one I neeed bad.Its quite pricey but you get a load of product for your money and if it works then I don`t really care,plus it will look cute on my dresser!I will deffinetly be purchasing at some point,hopefully sooner rather than later.
Lancome Soleil Flash Bronzer Face Self Tan,now I hear from some Ytubers that this is discontinued however I have checked the Lancome w/s and it still appears to be available which Im slightly confused about.I have been looking for the perfect self tan for face for ages now and Im always too scared to use it on my face however I have heard alot of good stuff about this and am now desperate to give it a go.I did say earlier that I had given up on fake tan however when I tan either with sunbeds or natural sunlight I always apply sunscrean on my face and because of this my face never seems to tan as easily as the rest of my body.So for that reason I neeed this tanner and Im hopefully going to pick it up this weekend.
Mac Fleshpot L/S,why oh why did I not just get this l/s while it was available?As much as I love my myth and my creme de nude Im always on the hunt for a new nude lipstick,there my fave and I feel I need this in my collection.I wish I had just gotton it when it was released with the Heatherette collection as that packaging was super cute and girly :(


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  2. Love Melba and Estee products too.