Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Loving the 'Twiggy' look <3

I`m not normally one for watching makeup tutorials,I much prefer reviews and reading beauty blogs, however I am in love with this one tutorial on YT right now and it is the 'Twiggy inspired' look from actually find all of pixiwoo`s tutorials interesting,easy to follow and very professionaly done but this particular one really caught my eye.I really love how she creates a dramatic eye but uses fairly neautral shades to do so.I love dramatic eye looks but Im not one for a load of dark blacks,purples,blues etc as it just doesn`t suit me,however I think I can pull something like this off by adapting it a little to make it more wearable.(Minus double falsies & typographic e/s)
Aside from the eyes I love how the cheeks are kept blush free and Chanel Bronze Universal is used to give a gorgeous glow.Im on a bit of a bronzer kick and blusher ban at the moment so this too is right up my street.
As if I wasn`t loving this look enough,pixiwoo finish it off with a classic nude lip,my fave!The lipstick used is Mac`s Blankety which I don`t actually own but its in the permanant line?correct me if I`m wrong,deffinetly one to pick up next time I`m at the Mac counter.


  1. I really loved that video tutorial too...the sophia loren one is good too...I would also have to tone it down a bit as well though. Loving your blog!Will follow from now on x :)

  2. Love Pixiwoo! And your blog is great! If you've got time I've tagged you in a little quiz/game on my blog.

    take care

  3. those girls give great tutorials! Nude lips don't suit me and it makes me look sick so you're lucky! :)

  4. @funkiimonkee:aw nude lips is one of the only lip looks I can pull off unfortunatly :(Yeh they do,Im currently working my way through watching them all :)
    @Fey:Thank u!Checking yours out now,it looks great :)
    @Liparrazi:Thanks,Im following you too :)