Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Lush bubble bars:The 2 latest additions-Bathos & Creamy Candy

I don`t know about you but a nice, long,hot soak with an added Lush bubble bar really cheers me up and settles my mind when Im feeling particularly down.Tonight was deffinetly one of those nights,just as well then that I picked up two new Lush treats at the weekend in the form of Bathos and Creamy Candy bubble bars!

Tonight I chose the Bathos bb,(thats the purple one for anyone who doesn`t already know)and I was pleasantly surprised.Masses of thick,luxurious (I sound like an advert =/) bubbles and an aroma of....parma violets!

Yes those yucky sweets you used to get in the little wrapper when you were a kid,well I always hated those sweets but this bb is gorgeous.Its not too over powering and really does relax your mind and body-I could have laid there for hours!I used only half and there were bubbles galore,it seems this little gem is value for money as well as leaving you smelling and feeling great.10/10 on this one Lush!

Im sure everyone is familiar with Creamy Candy by now,yep,its the pink one with the flower in the centre.Sickly sweet and with a scent comparable to the popular rockstar soap this bubble bar is one of Lush`s best sellers.

This was actually my first ever Lush product and tbh I wasn`t too impressed,I diddn`t seem to gain many bubbles ,however I think this may be down to how I added it to my bath water.(I was a first time Lushie remember!)

Anyway after much deliberating over what to by in my 'local',I thought why not give it another go.Im really excited to try it out and will be taking this pretty looking bubble bar on holiday with me next week for definate!

Bubbles bars are my fave Lush product for certain...whats yours?


  1. Bubble bars are my fave :) these 2 the comforter and ma bar have got to be my favorite ones.

  2. I love all the bath bars and bubble bars cause it makes me feel so much relaxed! Unfortunately there aren't any of LUSH stores in my area:(