Thursday, 2 July 2009

Things I am loving right now!

  • The SUN!

Ok so I hate sunbathing,I find it so boring and I really hate the heat however I decided it was time to work on this pasty face so I sat out In my garden for about an hour or two today and yay my face has changed from ghostly white (well not quite) to an almost there tan/lobster.I always burn and then go brown the day after so hopefully I`ll wake up with a bit of colour to morning and I shall no longer have a darker body than my face.

  • Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation.

Ok so I have only used this twice because the weather has just been too warm since I got it but I wore it this evening because I was going for a meal with my bf and I wanted a little bit more coverage than my tinted moisturiser and I have to say Im impressed-so far!I will perhaps do a full review once Ive tried it a few more times.I hope I get to wear it more but I just haven`t been wearing foundation druing the day lately at all.

  • Cosmetic Catastrophe fresh facemask by LUSH

Im on my second pot of this already and I`m loving it.It really seems to brighten and even out my skin tone.You have to store it in the fridge too so when you put it on its nice and cold and soothes skin,especially if your a little sunburnt,its really nice too use on hot nights.I have combination skin although it gets a little oily at times but I think this would work for any skin type.When I first started using this mask about a month ago I had a break out and it really seemed to make a difference.I would reccomend this to everyone its my fave fresh face mask so far and I`ve tried 3.

  • Lemslip butter cream by LUSH

Ok so this is grosse but I have to share it with you-recently I have had a bit of a break out on my back of all places!Argh,total nightmare.Ive never had this before and I diddn`t know what to put it down to,maybe hot weather,idk,yuck!So I was looking for a solution and heard that alot of people on the Lush forum (which I really reccomend people check out btw) who had also suffered from acne had used this product and it cleared it up.So I got it,tried it twice and guess what,it works.I love it.It smells gorgeous too.Its almost all cleared up now,hurrah.Lemslip deffinetly saved the day.

  • Loreal Casting Creme Gloss hair colour

So,I used to be blonde,and I used to get ym hair dyed regularly at a salon to avoid the yucky black roots that would appear every few weeks.This used to cost a fortune and looking back it was such a waste,however I would never dared dye my hair with a home dye whilst being blonde.Im sure many people do and there hair is gorgeous but I had seen way to many horror stories and plus I was only 15 and my mam would never have let me.So anyway Ive been dark for a while now but because I was SO blonde and for so long it kept creaping through the dark brown as it began to fade.So,this ment I still had to dye my hair alot.In the end I decided I would give home dying a go as Im a little older now and plus my hair is all one colour and very dark,what could go wrong just putting another dark brown over the top of it?

So I first began using a dye called Clairol perfect 10,hmm the colour was nice but I literally had to do it with my eyes closed!The dye was so strong!I actually used this about 3 times and then switched to a dye by Garnier.I wasn`t that impressed with the Garnier one,it diddnt seem to give me any shine,it diddn`t give that just dyed feel and look and well the packaging looked a bit cheap and old too.So,thats when I found CCG and I luuurve it.Ive actually used it three times now and its the best one I`ve used so far.I love the colour range although I`ve only ever used the chocolate brown shade.I like the shine it gives my hair and it looks so silky afterwards.The colour seems to last for ages without fading and best of it it doesn`t hurt my eyes.I think I will continue to buy this hair dye for a while and maybe even try a new shade at some point!


  1. That Lemsip stuff sounds great!xx

  2. Yeah I was really surprised by how good it is,its nice to use even if you don`t have problem skin though,Im going to keep using it everywhere,its not too expensive either :) xx

  3. I love Double Wear! Have worn it for years & years and the coverage is soo good. x